Le Pavé is a sustainable response to the growing performance and design expectations of construction materials in a rapidly changing market.

Le Pavé demonstrates our commitment to up-cycling plastic waste into durable designs. In the face of an ever-increasingly disposable mentality, we are devoted to extending the life-cycle of plastic as a medium. 

Recycled and recyclable, the very formulation of our innovative product takes into account its history and its future with our commitment to a circular economy.


We have developed a unique  technique to up-cycle plastic waste into versatile building materials. Reducing our carbon footprint and using a zero-waste approach to production supports our sustainable research and development efforts.

Made in France, Le Pavé unites French architects, artists and engineers under a shared commitment to the environment.


To maximize our social impact alongside our environmental efforts, our source material is certified fair-trade by Waste & Hope. This supports the creation of jobs in the recycling sector. 

The plastic we use is largely soured from beaches, oceans and environmental clean-up efforts. It relies on complementary factors of local mobilization and solidarity action.


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We are transforming waste to produce an eco-material of exceptional design, durability and versatility.


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